Largemouth Bass?

(Picture: Fly Fish Ohio)

Largemouth bass are not indigenous to Southern Africa but rather were imported many years ago from the U.S. This fish is a ferocious predator which is known to grow up to over 5kg in weight. The largemouth bass inhabits many dams rivers and lakes in Southern Africa preferring structured areas where weed beds, sunken logs, reeds, grass mats, rocky out crops etc. provide cover for them to wait in ambush for their prey which consists of a variety of organisms such as fish, frogs, and other aquatic creatures, including terrestrial critters such as lizards, mice, and insects. Besides the larger specimens most bass can be found in the shallow shorelines during warmer months and are very active during the latter part of summer.

All text from: ‘South African & Zimbabwian Freshwater Fishing Guide’ by Len Jones.


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