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Our Little Mteri

My unmeasured personal best

The Bass Bugger and I hit our favourite little farm dam again this past weekend on float tubes. We haven’t fished it for about two years and quite frankly I don’t think anyone else has either. Let me tell you, the fishing was out of this world. I think we will dub it our “little Lake Mteri”. I hooked into what was definteley the largest and strongest bass that I have come across to date. Sitting so low to the water in my float tube the fish literally had the top half of my rod sub-surface it was so strong.

Self portraits just dont work!

The standard issue super fluke was the lure of the day, and we found the fish lying just off the edge of lily beds. Most of our quality takes were taken about 2 to 3 meters off the lily beds towards deeper water. Interestingly all of the fish that we hooked made for this deeper water when hooked and not for the thick lily pad structure, which I would have expected. I guess the lesson learnt here is to fish areas where structure coincides with deep water, which obviously serves as an easy escape route for the larger, wiser fish.

Plenty of these

I think a lot of the time we tend to beat the bank more than we should with bass. Sure you may catch far more fish this way, BUT if you are chasing quality rather than quantity then maybe targeting deeper offshore structure would be preferable for what remains of our bassing season.

Close on 2 kilos