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Moriti Fishing and Wildlife

Just a quick post about a new adventure fishing/safari website, which has recently been launched. It’s called Moriti Fishing & Wildlife and it offers some amazing deals specializing in fishing tours, fishing lodges, self catering game lodges, canoe safaris, wilderness trails, houseboats and exclusive flying safaris for people wanting to see Africa in style!!


Each activity and lodge has been hand-picked by the owner for its value for money and service. Packages include everything from guided fly-fishing trips to the Vaal river and tiger fishing in Kariba to steelhead fishing in British Columbia and Peacock bass on the Amazon!


Some of my favourite packages available are guided fly fishing trips to Dullstroom targeting bass, Nile perch in Egypt, and lower Zambezi tiger fishing packages at Mvuu lodge.

Surf Fly!

They also market simpler packages such as bass fishing at Mongena game lodge in Limpopo and day trips for bass fishing excursions near the Kruger National park.


Have a look around at Moriti www.Moriti.co.za, summer is on its way and I think that they may just have something to offer you for the holiday season.tight lines…

Huge Tigers!


By the Way…..


By the way our mysterious little friend here is nothing more than a Rock Catfish or Klipbaber. Nothing Exciting…. damn it.

My First Smallmouth Yellow Fish and Something Strange

I thought I’d write a quick post about a trip we made to the Vaal River during the Easter weekend of 2009.  I am sure the place was called De Malachite but can’t quite remember. Two very significant things happened on this trip. Firstly, I caught my first reasonable sized Small Mouth Yellowfish (on Earthworms in the rapids), and secondly My fishing Partner, Michael “Cave” Viljoen, caught something very strange, a fish I have never seen before nor been able to identify since.

Smallmouth Yellow 1.2kg

Let’s start with the Yellow fish. What a fight! Not a giant but a fair 1.2 kilograms of pure strength. I thought I had hooked into a sizable Barbel actually, and it is such a satisfying feeling when you are proven wrong by the flash of scales as the fish breaks the surface. Since this occasion I have obviously changed techniques for Smallmouth Yellow Fishing and opt for the fly rod when targeting the species. More sport I guess.


Now for the mysterious fish. I’m not sure what this is in the picture above but I have never seen one before. It was caught at about 10 0’clock at night on earthworms in the deep, slow miving part of the stream below rapids. Many have looked at it for me, unable to give me an answer either. Some people say it’s a Squeeker, which are prominent in Lake Kariba but I have no idea. If anyone has any clue as to what this fish is, then please let us know. Sharp hooks. *

Late night Barbel with Caveman Viljoen


Open water

Lake Kariba: open water

There is an ancient tale, well known to many, of a mythical creature that once looked over the great Zambezi River and all those that resided dependently on its shores. The Tongan people of the Zambezi valley often speak of “the Protector”, a water-born, god-like creature, with the head of a fish and body of a snake, who they knew, or rather know as Nyaminyami. Showing himself at times of need and famine, it is said that the great Protector allowed the shore dwelling communities, of the Zambezi valley, to cut off chunks of meat from his body. It was only by the separation of the Nyaminyami from his wife, brought on by the building of the great Kariba Dam wall, that the desecrated serpent disappeared to the murky depths of the old river channel, supposedly, for the last time…

Then one night a traveler, named Gregor, lay face up on the deck of a house boat, which rocked ever so slightly on the shimmering surface of the great Lake Kariba. As he lay sleeping under the billions of bright stars, which seamlessly illuminated his surreal environment, he heard a faint buzzing noise just a few meters away. Drifting in and out of consciousness he ignored the sound to return to his tempting dream world, which was soon to be grossly challenged by the series of real events that were about to unfold. Just a few moments later, the traveler was pulled out of his deep sleep by the once buzzing, but now screaming, sound of what turned out to be line stripping off the reel of a fishing rod he had set up, and cast out, just hours before.

Peacefull sleep?

Peacefull sleep?

He rushed to his rod dazed and dreary, pulled the rod out of its holder, and with knuckles clenched white tried to hold on in absolute amazement. His eyes grew and grew as line peeled off his reel and his rod bent as if unbreakable. No longer dazed and no longer dreary he struck in defiance, lifting his rod tip sharply in orientation of the mystically large moon above. The moment he struck, his entire body was thrust forward by the force that opposed him, as if a creature of mythical stature were on the other end. As if… He held on for what felt like hours, and as he fought back against whatever was on the other end of his line, the world around him momentarily disappeared, only to return with the sound of hurried footsteps rushing towards him on deck. It was at that moment that the fishing line went slack, as the creature without warning, nor reason, now swam towards the boat. Once it was near enough, two strong arms, belonging to a newly made friend known as Mike “PissedAlways”, leaned over the side of the boat and hurled the beast from the water and onto the deck.

Head of fish; body of snake

Head of fish; body of snake

With its fish-like head and snake-like body the massive 34kg “Vundu” lay motionless, gasping for air, belly to the stars. Unable to raise the “fish”, with his now weak and wobbly arms, Gregor stood next to “PissedAlways” who, with difficulty, had raised the beast off the deck for him. Finally, with his imagination running rampant, the traveler, Gregor, and the creature, which stared eerily, back into his wide eyes, shared one last moment. Shortly after this, the serpent-like fish was gently submerged back into the glossy water and with one final grunt and shimmer of his smooth fleshy skin, the majestic beast was once again lost to the murky depths of great Kariba.

All photos supplied by Gregor Rohrig


So, like Batman, Thebassboat returns. Somehow over the last year or so we had lost all inspiration to add to our awesomely fishy blog. Perhaps we have not been doing any fishing, or catching any fish, you ask? Well not so… On the contrary we have caught more fish in the last year and a half than we did during the time that we ran our blog on a regular basis. However, Thebassboat has shifted orientation slightly, if you have not already noticed, we now include a number of fishy species and not just the Largemouth Bass that we have all grown to know and love since the start of our angling obsessions.

With this in mind, far too many fish have been hooked and landed (since our last post) for us to mention the lot, so to begin with I will simply post the largest of each species that we have caught, along with the location, weight, bait used, and pictures to prove it of course. So without further a due here they are in absolutely no particular order:

1. The all famous Largemouth
Location: Bass-O-Mania
Weight: 1.8 Kg
Bait: Baby Brushhog, Watermelon Red (weighted texas rig)
Time of year: Mid May 2008

Getting chilli

Getting chilli

Comment: Great venue, good bass and lots of it too.

2. The crooked Carp
Location: Footloose trout farm (perhaps cheating)
Weight: 2.2 Kg
Bait: Fish feed bait bought at reception
Time of year: Summer

Great on light tackle

Great on light tackle

Comment: Ok so footloose (Diepsloot a few km’s from Monte Casino) could be equated to fishing into a fishbowl, but the fishing is absolutely great none the less. I have personally seen carp of 2 kilos plus being pulled out of their dams regularly, and the odd one weighing in at over 5 kilos. Put simply the place is a light tackle wonderland.

3. The Timid Trout (rainbow)
Location: Dullstroom (private dam)
Weight: +- 900 Kg
Bait: Red Eye damsel (Fly)
Time of year: Mid July 2008 (winter)



Comment: For those who know, Dullstroom is undoubtedly one of SA’s most majestic angling destinations. Not only that, it is also home to some of our most beautiful trout waters. Simply put, find a weekend, book accommodation, get in your car, and go. Oh and don’t plan a trip during full moon, you will catch only 3 and a close friend will snap your line and let one of them go… In other words trout angling is apparently best at new moon or when the moon is small (if you believe in that lunar mambo jumbo, which I do).

4. The Belligerent Barbel
Location: Bluegill housing estate (small dam)
Weight: +- 8 Kg (Any objections?)
Bait: Chicken liver (old faithful)
Time of year: Mid August 2007

The under-rated sharptooth

The under-rated sharptooth

Comment: Large barbel are magical…

And from here our quest for those illusive tackle busters continues once again, and this season carries the promise of many great hooksets and in turn more blog posts to tell of our tales. Our next post will discuss the tackle that we have opted for ahead of the upcoming bass season (we have already bought most of it, and its great) and following that we will write of our upcoming journey to Bass-O-Mania, albeit slightly premature of natures official bassing open season. Keep reading, Keep fishing…

For more fantastic photos of Dullstroom and others please visit Gregor Rohrig’s amazing photographic website here and then thank me later.