About TheBassBoat

This blog is dedicated to all angling fanatics both within South Africa and abroad. Run by self-proclaimed amateurs, myself Ross and fellow bass enthusiast Shaun ‘Bass Bugger’ Taylor it serves to hopefully improve our angling skills through on going interaction between ourselves and other equally eager anglers. Over the next year or so we will be posting stories and photographs relating to our own personal experiences, hopefully offering advice, tips, and techniques that work for us, while perhaps attracting advice from any of you anglers out there who feel that you can teach us a thing or two. Please feel free to leave your comments and criticisms and in that way perhaps we can all help each other to someday become better and maybe even great anglers.

9 responses to “About TheBassBoat

  • leftnutsalad

    Hello there ya ‘bass-tards!’ Quite a shweet looking site! – hope you get some more comments soon – cause you know i can’t help (all i keep catching is beaver!)


  • bassboys


    I’m unable to comment on your blog, keep getting “discarded”. Anyway. I’m thinking about either getting http://www.bassboys.info or bassboys.co.za as my new domain.

    Going to setup a new theme, plugins etc. Any suggestions?


  • texaslighttackleadventures

    Awesome site! You have way more bass pics than I do. It looks like you all have very good bass fishing in your neck of the woods. Take Care and keep in fishing.

  • Frikke Van Tonder

    I would like to know from you Juvenile mongoose / bass addicts that if one dips his bait into some yellow die will this attract more bass or not?

  • Stefan Pretorius

    I read the article on “our little Mteri of Jan 2012”
    Can you give more info on the dam? Name would be great 🙂
    I will be taking my 3 youngsters, 10, 11 and 12 fishing tomro.
    Young Bass Fanatics so thought I might enquire about other dams.
    Alternatively it is off to Rhenosterkop.

  • thebassboat

    unfortunately the little materi is out of commission at the moment as noone is allowed to fish there. i would definitely make the trek out to rhenosterkop, i love that dam. Boskop dam in Potchefstroom is also a great alternative, some amazing fish coming out of there lately and always the chance of catching some smallmouth bass too!

  • Josh

    I need more carp king cards, manchip is pretty mad that everyone at school found this site

    Could you please put on the next card the real quote “this field is as bumpy as my cabbage patch at home”

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