Return to the Vaal

Big Jon McCaster

Big Jon McCaster

Its been a long time since we updated this blog. It’s been a long time since we went fishing, full stop… But now we are back, and started the season off (a little late) at our favourite spot on the Vaal River. The day was fairy slow going, with relatively few takes occurring. However, I did manage to land one yellow fish within the first 3 casts. Its almost like mother nature sometimes like to tease us with an early take first thing in the morning, with the promise of more to come, and then drops us like a hot potato.

First yellow

First yellow

Besides a feisty crab, the only other fish worth mentioning was a good carp, hooked and landed by Kyle “its on, its off” Fouche. After a long 10 minute fight we managed to just fit it in the net, unweighed and most likely around 3 to 4 kilograms depending on who you ask.



Common carp

In between the two fish landed there were, of course, many fish hooked and lost. The biggest of the day OBVIOUSLY got away. Overall we had a good first day out on the water in a long time. The flow rate was surprisingly good, however, the water was slightly dirtier than recently reported, most likely due to a solid amount of rain that fell the previous day. This, coupled with a subsequent drop in water temperature would have most likely caused the slow bite. In any case, we cannot wait to get out there again, and will do as soon as life allows it.


On dad!!


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