Trout Time

Trout at night, what do you know?

Well summer is officially over and the cold weather has moved in, which brings us to that time of year when we angling enthusiasts attempt to soften the blows of winter’s fishlessness by migrating up to the ever majestic trout water of the winter wonderland that is Dullstroom. On the 8th of June a couple of us headed up to little trout beck in search of our favourite cold water species, the illusive rainbow trout, which I must add has become not only my favourite cold water species but also one of my favourite species full stop.

Craig’s beauty

We arrived at our venue late the Friday afternoon to find a couple of the lads slapping the water to no avail. Only after nightfall did our first fish hit dry land. This was with the arrival of Chris “the gold digger” le Roux, who (having just pulled up in his car) jumped out, took my brand new Explorer Guide series II out my hand, made his first cast and subsequently landed a fish in front of many a dropped jaw. Very impressive Chris, now give me my rod back.

Another decent rainbow

After a very well behaved and gentlemanly friday night we scurried out of bed the following morning to slap the water some more. The weather seemed top notch from the inner side of the lounge behind our coffee cups, but then we stepped outside. In short the wind was howling, and the temperature had dropped staggeringly with the arrival of a vicious cold front. We struggled a little but a few fish were taken by our more experienced fly fishers.

My only fish

Unfortunately I only managed a morning session that day and my trip was cut short but i still managed to land a fair rainbow and picked up on similar patterns that we have in the past. In short, the fish that were taken were almost exclusively taken on strikingly orange flies, my favourite being the Pancora wooly bugger, but many also being buttoned on pure orange buggers as well. This always seems to be the go too colour at this time of year, and I suggest it dominate your fly box during the coldest months.



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