Yellow Fever with Chris Le Roux

52 centimeters but no weight


So, guided by future smallmouth yellowfish legend Chris “the gold digger” Le Roux I might just have caught my personal best for the second time in 2 weeks, but without a scale to measure. This is the second time I’ve been out with him and both times have been electric.

Awesome smallmouth yellowfish

We hit the Vaal near Parys and immediately found ourselves the only two anglers on the water. We rigged our lines with our favourite flies (or rather Chris’ favourite flies) and made for the rapids. In true style Chris was on within the first five casts or so. And that pattern just continued throughout the day which ended with him landing approximately 22 yellows, one of which was a striking 60 odd centimetres.

An unfortunately grainy photo of Chris' monster smallmouth

I on the other hand managed to land a mere five yellows and 2 muddies, one of which could have been my new personal best, broken after just a week. One of the things that i learnt from Chris was the correct method of Czech nymphing, which requires NO strike indicator. The concept is that with a strike indicator you allow a lot more drag and “bowing” on the line, ironically leading to more missed strikes. Now for the novice this would seem a paradoxical approach to yellow fishing, but as you use the technique more and more, you find yourself fine tuning your senses to detect the strike not only more frequently but also easier.


Always remember it is often difficult to adjust the leader length of your line to the varying river depth with an indicator, and leader length in relation to this is of paramount importance, which can, with practice be more easily adjusted without an indicator by simply developing a feel for the depth of the target area. Tight lines.


2 responses to “Yellow Fever with Chris Le Roux

  • paul koekemoer

    Hi Chris we have a company that operate mainly on the Vaal.We found that this season is a bad season if you compare it to the other years.We are on the water every other day and see clients take out more Barbel and Carp in the streams than previous years.I have found Barbel hunting more actively as well. In previous seasons clientele would have hooked into 10 to 20. Yellow fish a day. This season not so. Do you find it to be the same.And if you do what do you think the reason to be?

    • thebassboat

      Unfrotuately Chris hasnt got access to the site at the moment but if I can speak for him I would think that he would agree with you. I often hear them speaking of how the river has certainly slowed with regards to smallmouth Yellowfish over the past few seasons. In my experience I have to note that the barbel and Carp were far more active thsn previousseasons.i simply attributed it to the fact that we were fishing relatively new areas and werent used to it. Although the seasons have slowed I must also note that we (especially Chris) did have days where maybe even over 20 Yellows were hooked. However the season has definitely been far more more inconsistent and very difficult to read with some days drawing near blanks, days that looked to be ideal.

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