I know this is an oldish topic but it is just one which I really cannot ignore. Enter the Daiwa SEABORG!!!!! No, I’m not talking about a robotic version of Aqua man returned from the future to end all humanity; I’m talking about an electric reel developed by our friends over at Daiwa fishing technologies.

Seaborg Megatwin 1000 MT

Now whether you have heard of it or not, I’m going to tell you what it does. It basically does the fishing for you! It drops the lure to the depth that you want and reels in at the speed that you want. More technically one is either able to program a desired depth to which you would like the reel to “cast” or you can program it to remember certain depths at which the action is taking place. It also reels in for you automatically adjusting the drag to suit the fish’s ever changing opposing force, and you can even program it to work a jig to your specified action and pattern so that you can simply hold the rod nice and tight and do…. well… nothing.

Side view

It also has an onboard computer that automatically displays line let out and distance retrieved from the bottom, and even automatically stops reeling in when your lure is close to the rod tip. The model in the pictures (1000 MT) boasts a 20kg max continuous drag and for short spells it can put out 75 kilos of winding power, which I must say that I wish I had built in to myself!

The machine

Look I don’t think this little fishing robot is for me as I prefer to do my own fishing, right? But hey, at least it lets you watch!


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