Explorer Journey V-Boat

Journey V-Boat

So I tried out the Explorer Journey V-boat that the misses got me for my birthday (a catch I know), and I must say that I enjoyed it quite a lot. It was the first time that I have fished from such a craft and I will admit that I was sceptical about it. When I think about bass fishing I automatically think of SPACE. We always approach the water with more rods than we can handle, bags and bags of lures (most of which we don’t bother trying), and massive cooler boxes filled to the brim with food and, ummm, cold drinks *cough*. Now I found myself packing 2 choice rods, an acute selection of lures and tackle, and a tiny checkers packet with a tuna sandwich and a bottle of water.

The very first thing I noticed was the convenience of it all! Not only did I not have to think about a thousand things to pack, or manage a large boat, but the burden of lure and technique selection also dissolved away. This was effortless, number one, AND it also forced me to choose and spend time on only one or two techniques! I mean how often do you find yourself changing fishing patterns more than your line is actually in the water? A lot of us just don’t give a particular technique enough chance to work before we change!

The next thing that worried me as far as space was concerned, was the ability to move around. I was used to stepping around a boat, choosing my vantage points with ease. But I found that, first of all, the sitting position of the V-boat was not only comfortable, but I could also position myself in any direction that I chose. This does take some practice though, I must say. Once you get the hang of manoeuvring yourself about, the V-boat begins to afford you a ton of convenience.

One of the downfalls that I found was that if you are into pitching grubs and worms subtly into cover, underhanded, then you will have problems. Obviously the sitting position is too close to the water for you to do this. I would say that the V-boat is more suited to power fishing. Cranks, flukes, spinner baits, and also finesse fishing, if you don’t mind a bit of a splash on the water, which I do not. In saying that I believe that it’s true power will be unleashed when fly fishing for trout on still waters in winter. How many times do we fish a body of water that is near inaccessible from the bank? Too often.  This boat will eliminate this problem entirely and also allow you to fish in windier conditions as you can position yourself with the wind no matter where you are.

In closing I think I will enjoy fishing off the craft in winter for trout, and also during summer for bass, and I would fully recommend it too any angler looking for a craft of this nature. And at a price of around R4000 it is well worth the money you pay. Enjoy.


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