Dont Underestimate Your Local!

Over the past few weeks we have been fishing some of our local dams, which we have neglected for many years thinking that they no longer had anything to offer us as improving anglers. Well as we found out, this was not entirely true. We fished 2 dams last weekend, Middle dam and Homestead dam in Benoni. I must say that I was pleasantly surprised.

Nice 1 kg Fighter

Homestead surprised me the most. I honestly thought that there was not a bass in those waters. I was wrong. Although we never pulled any massive fish out, I did manage to catch a couple of illusively strong swimmers.

P Diddy's First Bass

Middle dam, which I did kind of expect to produce a few fish, also did us proud. During a small afternoon fish prospecting session we managed to land about 6 bass off of our small inflatables, with Keith “the tiger hunter” Falconer landing a smasher of well over 2 kilos.

Another Largemouth

As advice id say stick to finesse style techniques for your small local dams. Weightless flukes and senkos will almost always be the order of the day, maybe rigged with a small splitshot mojo rig from time to time.

Middle Dam Bass

So the point is don’t underestimate your small local dams, get on the water, persevere, and you will almost certainly be rewarded.


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