Renosterkop 2010

Just a few pics of our trip to Renosterkop dam last year on the 25th of September 2010 (coming up again soon). What a place, the water was boiling with fish and a monkey with a handline could have caught a few good ones. some advice:

Lures: Flukes, natural colours

Technique: weightless, ANY action

Structure: upright reeds coinciding with water lilies or other surface vegetation, Fishing into open water between isolated reed patches also yielded good results.

Weather: warm to hot

Water: warm and clear

Time: All day

Large Bass Caught on Fluke

Beautiful Condition

Just some additional advice: Don’t be afraid to use large hooks for bass, I have to admit that my hook-up ratio seems higher with big solid hooks, AND I use them to weight my flukes better, giving them a little more life in the water without the need to apply split shots, especially when the fish are ever so slightly deeper. Give it a try and let me know what happens.

Small Bass


4 responses to “Renosterkop 2010

  • Chris M

    Those are some excellent looking bass! I agree about the larger hooks, bass have nice big mouthes. Smaller hooks are always tempting from a “safer” point of view, but I’ve definitely caught a lot more bass on larger hooks than smaller ones.

    • thebassboat

      For sure, hook damage is something to think about. but to be honest iv found that if you use nice sharp, good quality hooks, damage is still fairly minimal. Especially in brands where the thickness of the hook does not increase too much. In fact thinner hooks are actually better if you consider that thicker hooks may compromise the natural look of a lure, in my opinion.

  • jimeyer

    Hai I’m having trouble picking the right dropshot bait for bass

  • thebassboat

    junior flukes are excellent as well as the small trick worms. very good as well. bt junior flukes are definitely my favourite.

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