Rust de Winter

We made a trip up to Rust de Winter dam this past weekend expecting to pull some decent fish out of the depths. Autumn is beginning to show its face and this can sometimes be a great opportunity to hook into some awesome largemouth bass. Rust de Winter is one of the best dams to do this.

Shallow Waters

In saying that we never had too much luck, fishing was slow from morning to afternoon, until we noticed some boats congregating around a particular part of the dam. We had tried everything, deep diving cranks, spinners, flukes, worms, senkos, and brush hogs in deep water, shallowish water, along drop offs, down cliff faces, you name it! We noticed this congregation of in extremely shallow water, about 3 to 5 feet! Surely not today? Water was still cold and we were expecting the fish to be suspending fairly deep.

Fishing the Nursery

However we decided to give it a bash, we approached nearby and proceeded to throw our baits literally into the almost terrestrial reeds along the bank, fishing them slowly back to the boat along the flat dam bed. I used a simple watermelon red fluke fished weightless through the water column and had plenty of luck on that. Nothing big came out as far as fish were concerned, however we did learn one very simple yet valuable lesson: when you have tried absolutely everything that should work in a certain situation, with no joy, literally try something that shouldn’t. I mean we fished the entire day without so much as a bite, trying just about every technique we knew for the assumed situation, yet in the last hour of fishing it was as if the fish were fully on the bite.


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