Bronkies Barbel

I made my way to Bronkhorstspruit dam again on a rather cloudy, windy Saturday morning. I decided to fish for barbel in the heat of the day with platties. Conventionally barbels aren’t major daytime feeders, but in our experience they seem to make an exception with platties. Unfortunately due to water conditions and wind, fishing off of my small Ark inflatable was rather awkward which resulted in many missed strikes. Below are a couple pictures of the lone fish that I landed for the short time we spent fishing.


Side profile



5 responses to “Bronkies Barbel

  • Fly Fishing Western Cape


    What are platties, if you don’t mind me asking..

  • thebassboat

    They are a species of aquatic frog, not the endangered type that you get in the western cape don’t worry 🙂 like your site, will add you to my blog roll and do some reading when I get the chance!

  • Andre

    Where at Bronkiesto you go fishing?

  • thebassboat

    Hi Andre. we normally get in on the bronkies nature reserve side. then if you drive all the way along the bank to the end of the road, you can get on a boat (if you have one) and make your way to the outlet. there is like a river section. we fish there. Also we fish close to the dam wall near the left rocky slope if you face the wall, as well as the river section on the inlet side of the dam. you can actually fish VERY shallow there (2 meters) right up the channel of reeds, and catch some big big barbel. its great. if you dont have a boat, then fish the BAJA dam side from the bank, directly opposite the dam wall. get on a canoe and row your line out as far as possible with as little weight as possible. we have caught very big barbel like that.

  • sipho

    Dont you gays have anything better to do than catch fish.. find a girlfriend or wife and get a life!!!

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