Bronkhorstspruit time again!!

Finally, it is summer again. Thank you thank you thank you! We took a drive out to Bronkhorstspruit dam this Sunday the 12th September 2010. Wow… we have been fishing this venue for a long time and I can literally see the patterns emerging,  and I know exactly what the water is going to look like at any time of year, before we even arrive. For example I know that at this time of year the thick matted vegetation that impedes just about every type of sit-and-wait fishing there is, no longer exists along the banks. Unfortunately for us bass fisherman, though, we really like having that matted vegetation around. The bass seem to like it, a lot.

Blaine always fighting with the locals

Unable to take the boat, all the bassing that we did was off the bank, and this experience was a solid reminder of how fortunate we are to have one. The difference between bank and boat fishing is immense. You are limited with structure, depth, and angle of approach just to name a few. But still there is something special about it, it sort of takes you back to your roots, where all the fishing began. The fishing was poor and we were only able to land 2 fish for the day. The first coming from my rather smug adopted sister, who ALWAYS manages to out-do us on the water. She pulled in a bass of about 500 grams after which I pulled one of a similar size, thankfully putting us at a draw for the day and saving me weeks of relentless touchdown banter.

Little miss smug

The lures of choice were a large green pumpkin Brushhog for her and a 5 inch stretch 40 in the same colour for me. Both seemed to have the same result with both of us losing a couple of fish in the small amount of vegetation that the fish always managed to find. On a final note, although the water at Bronkies is still slightly chilli, the fish have woken up for sure, with most of our bites taken on a fairly quick retrieve. I’d give Bronkies a good 2 weeks and get out there on the boat, it is going to wake up with a bang this season, I can tell.

My bass


2 responses to “Bronkhorstspruit time again!!

  • Andre

    Would be sure to try out some bass fishing at Bronkies, looks like fun!

    • Louise

      Hi there. My parents are selling their caravan / park home at Bronkies (Bona Manzi) – right on the water’s edge. Please let me know if you know anyone who may be interested. They have put in laminated wooden floors, and built on a porch. They are wanting R105 000.

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