My First Smallmouth Yellow Fish and Something Strange

I thought I’d write a quick post about a trip we made to the Vaal River during the Easter weekend of 2009.  I am sure the place was called De Malachite but can’t quite remember. Two very significant things happened on this trip. Firstly, I caught my first reasonable sized Small Mouth Yellowfish (on Earthworms in the rapids), and secondly My fishing Partner, Michael “Cave” Viljoen, caught something very strange, a fish I have never seen before nor been able to identify since.

Smallmouth Yellow 1.2kg

Let’s start with the Yellow fish. What a fight! Not a giant but a fair 1.2 kilograms of pure strength. I thought I had hooked into a sizable Barbel actually, and it is such a satisfying feeling when you are proven wrong by the flash of scales as the fish breaks the surface. Since this occasion I have obviously changed techniques for Smallmouth Yellow Fishing and opt for the fly rod when targeting the species. More sport I guess.


Now for the mysterious fish. I’m not sure what this is in the picture above but I have never seen one before. It was caught at about 10 0’clock at night on earthworms in the deep, slow miving part of the stream below rapids. Many have looked at it for me, unable to give me an answer either. Some people say it’s a Squeeker, which are prominent in Lake Kariba but I have no idea. If anyone has any clue as to what this fish is, then please let us know. Sharp hooks. *

Late night Barbel with Caveman Viljoen


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