Rho Boat…

Rho's Boat!

Rho's Boat!

Here are just a few photos of a Largemouth Bass that my young cousin Rho caught at Bass-O-Mania sometime earlier this year. It was a slow day, my uncle and I really struggled the day through catching not a single fish between us if I recall correctly. While fishing a bed of lily pads, which riddled the dam’s bank, a seemingly obvious hideout for the bass we were targeting, Rho (9 at the time) decided to cast his crawdad coloured lipless crank into the deeper water behind us. A short time after the plop he was screaming for mercy!  I thought he had got hooked up on the bottom but low and behold he seemed to be gaining line, and to our disbelief he had actually hooked into an absolute giant of a bass. I haven’t seen a rod bend like that in all the time that I have spent targeting bass.

A better indication of size.

A better indication of size.

Once he had eventually gotten the fish close enough to the boat I grabbed the fish by the lower jaw and lifted it from the water in awe. The beauty weighed in at no less than 2.4 kgs (+-5.3 pounds). Needless to say Rho seems to out fish us on every occasion, and I am certain that it must have something to do with the fact that, as older folk, we seem to think far too much about how to actually catch fish. I think that sometimes we need to just stop thinking about how to fish, and just fish.


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