As promised here is our post regarding our recent trip to Bass-O-Mania, which we have decided to conclude before we make mention of our personal tackle and technique choices for the upcoming season.

Plenty of reeds surround the clean open water at Bass-O-Mania

Plenty of reeds surround the clean open water at Bass-O-Mania.

Bass-O-Mania*…. Where do we start?! What a venue to say the very least. I contemplated for a while whether it a wise decision to post about such a reasonably untapped bassing resource, knowing that it could well be lost to the potentially destructive, and often ruthless, angling onslaught that has knowingly hit other, previously magical, inland angling destinations of our country in the past. However! This is a venue we simply could not help but be compelled to write about, and on top of that we have full faith in the consistently proactive founder/manager of Bass-O-Mania, Danie, who we know will do everything in his power to keep the venue alive with bass for a long time still to come.

Bass-O-Mania consists of a number of dams, I want to say 3 but somehow Danie constantly manages to get his hands on more and more exceptionally healthy bodies of water, all of which are absolutely alive with bass. The main dam is a fairly large body of water as well, which could probably accommodate a number of floatation devices and small boats, with a source dam slightly higher up from that boasting a rather large crystal clear body of water, that could carry the promise of some magical sight fishing this summer.

The "Bass Bugger" and his 1st Bass-O-Mania largemouth

The "Bass Bugger with his 1st Bass-O-Mania largemouth

Our recent excursion found us at Bass-O-Mania on the 2nd of August on what we initially thought would be the best bassing day of winter so far but turned out to be an average, colder than predicted and windy, angling Saturday. However, that did not stop “the Bass Bugger” Shaun Taylor from outshining me on the water from dusk till dawn on our brand new Ark Seal SP 300 series (which is a future post all on its own). From the first solid hook-set and noisy disturbance of the waters glossy surface he managed to land his 5 fish bag limit by the end of the day, without letting a thing get away. This performance hardly mirrored my own, which saw me landing a grand total of not one, not two, but in fact ZERO fish for our approximate 7 hour total out on the water.

Plenty of these, with the odd report of catches over 2kg's

Plenty of these, with the odd report of catches over 2kg

I think, after a few lost fish, the one thing that I really took away from the trip, and something that I have slowly began to learn over my short angling career is that no matter how powerfully rewarding angling can be, it is also at times agonizingly heartbreaking as well. On a happier note however, Bass-O-Mania is a location that we are going to be returning to time and time again, hopefully for many years to come in the hunt for that illusive 7 pound plus fish, we believe he is there!

And another...

And another...

* Fishing at bass-o-mania is by appointment only, Contact Danie at: 082 551 8088


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