So, like Batman, Thebassboat returns. Somehow over the last year or so we had lost all inspiration to add to our awesomely fishy blog. Perhaps we have not been doing any fishing, or catching any fish, you ask? Well not so… On the contrary we have caught more fish in the last year and a half than we did during the time that we ran our blog on a regular basis. However, Thebassboat has shifted orientation slightly, if you have not already noticed, we now include a number of fishy species and not just the Largemouth Bass that we have all grown to know and love since the start of our angling obsessions.

With this in mind, far too many fish have been hooked and landed (since our last post) for us to mention the lot, so to begin with I will simply post the largest of each species that we have caught, along with the location, weight, bait used, and pictures to prove it of course. So without further a due here they are in absolutely no particular order:

1. The all famous Largemouth
Location: Bass-O-Mania
Weight: 1.8 Kg
Bait: Baby Brushhog, Watermelon Red (weighted texas rig)
Time of year: Mid May 2008

Getting chilli

Getting chilli

Comment: Great venue, good bass and lots of it too.

2. The crooked Carp
Location: Footloose trout farm (perhaps cheating)
Weight: 2.2 Kg
Bait: Fish feed bait bought at reception
Time of year: Summer

Great on light tackle

Great on light tackle

Comment: Ok so footloose (Diepsloot a few km’s from Monte Casino) could be equated to fishing into a fishbowl, but the fishing is absolutely great none the less. I have personally seen carp of 2 kilos plus being pulled out of their dams regularly, and the odd one weighing in at over 5 kilos. Put simply the place is a light tackle wonderland.

3. The Timid Trout (rainbow)
Location: Dullstroom (private dam)
Weight: +- 900 Kg
Bait: Red Eye damsel (Fly)
Time of year: Mid July 2008 (winter)



Comment: For those who know, Dullstroom is undoubtedly one of SA’s most majestic angling destinations. Not only that, it is also home to some of our most beautiful trout waters. Simply put, find a weekend, book accommodation, get in your car, and go. Oh and don’t plan a trip during full moon, you will catch only 3 and a close friend will snap your line and let one of them go… In other words trout angling is apparently best at new moon or when the moon is small (if you believe in that lunar mambo jumbo, which I do).

4. The Belligerent Barbel
Location: Bluegill housing estate (small dam)
Weight: +- 8 Kg (Any objections?)
Bait: Chicken liver (old faithful)
Time of year: Mid August 2007

The under-rated sharptooth

The under-rated sharptooth

Comment: Large barbel are magical…

And from here our quest for those illusive tackle busters continues once again, and this season carries the promise of many great hooksets and in turn more blog posts to tell of our tales. Our next post will discuss the tackle that we have opted for ahead of the upcoming bass season (we have already bought most of it, and its great) and following that we will write of our upcoming journey to Bass-O-Mania, albeit slightly premature of natures official bassing open season. Keep reading, Keep fishing…

For more fantastic photos of Dullstroom and others please visit Gregor Rohrig’s amazing photographic website here and then thank me later.


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