This is just a short post to clear a few things up about my previous post (which name has been changed to ‘KEEP-NETS’) as in less than 24 hours i have already had a threatening comment from someone stating that they are going to well “bliksem me”. And when i think about it there is a good chance i could get more. So i felt i needed to straighten a few things out. First of all i have edited the previous post based on keepnets as i agree that my aproach could have come across a little to agressive. BUT i have edited it a little and hope that it is read carefully as i really am just wanting to know whether carp fishing is under threat from over-fishing or whether there are just too many of them anyway. But lets be honest comments like “Ek sal jou Bliksem- jou kwas”, from Sarel van Niekerk, are neither helpfull nor necessary. Dont threaten me, tell me that im either right or wrong and then why you feel that way. I do enjoy carp fishing and am just expressing my concern for the furture of the sport and anyone else who truly enjoys it should also consider the questions i asked in my previous post.

I contacted Sarel van Niekerk via e-mail and he has kindly agreed to be more productive when commenting on this topic. i hope to hear from him soon.


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