That’s right… we met Darryl Quinton! “Who?” you might ask… and we answer: only one of S.A.’s best freakin bass fisherman alive! Darryl is a South African bass fishing champion, having won numerous local competition titles, such as the Bassworld Classic, Tzaneen Classic, and the wriggleswade Classic, as well as excelling in international competitions such as the Federation Champs at Lake Tuscaloosa in Alabama USA where he came 6th over all in 2003. He has also been ranked S.A.’s No. 1 bass fisherman. Regardless of his achievements this modest Springbok fisherman had plenty of time to chat to us when we bumped into him at a local fishing tackle shop a couple of weeks ago. After spending the better half of an hour sharing well needed fishing tips with us he left us in disbelief and with only his business card as reassurance that it truly was him. Any how meeting Darryl was an absolute pleasure and it is so inspiring to meet a sportsman of his calibre who has so much time and enthusiasm for us bottom feeders…

Meeting Darryl also reminded us to post about one truly invaluable piece of fishing paraphernalia that every bass fisherman should own! That is the Bass Africa DVD series, of which we have the first volume of 3. Our volume is a 5 DVD set, each DVD focusing on 1 or 2 aspects of bass fishing, for example crank baits, weightless rigging, top-water fishing and so on. The DVD features many great South African bass fishermen, including Darryl Quinton and is undoubtedly a must have for new comers to the sport. We look forward to getting our hands on the next 2 volumes and suggest you follow closely in our footsteps. Now get out there, get the DVDs and get the fish!


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