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When it comes to bank bass angling it is often difficult to locate productive waters. We, however, have found what is now one of our favourite and most productive bank angling locations, Bronkhorstspruit dam in Gauteng. The very location that ‘The Bass Bugger’ caught his first bass, seen in our post titled ‘5 simple rules’. The banks of this dam are lined with thick grass mats and although they seem menacing to the carp anglers, who frequent the dam, they also serve as great habitat and cover for bass waiting to ambush their prey.

We have had great success on this body of water simply dragging a weightless Baby Brush Hog (black) over the top of the grass mats, sometimes allowing them to sit for a moment, at which point the fish generally take it straight off the surface. Otherwise we simply drag them over, leading them into gaps in the grass mats or over the edge of the mats completely, allowing them to glide gently through the water. We were also successful with other soft plastic baits such as the Zoom 6″ Ultra-Vibe Speed Worm using the same technique. In the picture below we have Andrea with her first and biggest bass ever caught (1.5kgs) on her first bass expedition ever .


What is interesting to us is that we fished the same spot at this location on three different days within two weeks and noticed a substantial pattern in the amount and size of fish that we caught. The days were the 3rd of February 2007, the 6th and the 11th. The weather patterns for these days respectfully were: warm, partly cloudy, little to no wind; cool, partly cloudy with strong wind; and cooler, partly cloudy, with stronger wind. What we noticed was that the fish hooked were fewer but larger with the later dates, with us having 22 small bass (app. 500-800gs) on our lines on the 3rd and only three on our lines on the 11th, two of which were 1.5 and 1.8kgs (seen below). Is this pattern random or can it be attributed to changing weather conditions or moon phases perhaps, which can be viewed here. We do not know and hope that someone who does know better can give us some feedback.




  • deon dawes

    I am/ wan’t to go fishing over the up coming long weekend
    at Bronkhorstspruit Dam, I have never been the as we normally went to Jim Fouche Resort for our break aways. Could you please tell me who I can contact regarding accommodation something I mostly want to catch carp but will look at fishing for other species too. As this is just for a long weekend I don’t want to pitch up tents and bring the
    whole kitchen with- maybe at self catering chalet for 6.

  • thebassboat

    Hi Deon. to be honest we always camp when we are at Bronkies but let me find out for you and il get back to you tonight or tomorrow morning. just check this comments section some time tomorrow morning. im sure there will be lots of places. in the mean time you can contact Gerhard Fleischman, Tel: +27 (0)13 932-3130 from Kaia Manzi lodge at bronkhorstspruit. it looks like they only have chalets that accomodate 4 people but he may have advice for you and may steer you in the right direction.

  • thebassboat

    Hi Deon,

    I have found it quite difficult to find much info on self catering cottages at Bronkies, but here are a couple more numbers you could call: Baja Br’spruit 082-826-4660 or Bonamanzi 013 932 1631. those are 2 of the resorts at bronkies, i hope you come right, good luck. Please let me know if you do find anything so that if someone has a similar query in the future i can help them out too. thanks a lot.

  • Sean dalhouzie

    Hi there

    My name is Sean Dalhouzie and i just want to know were is the best venue s in and around Pretoria were one can catch some nice sized large mouth bass?

    I have heard that bronkies is a good place to start, as i am just stil starting out i dont jet have a boat.

    please can someone give me some advice.

  • thebassboat

    Bronkies is a good place to start, you can pick up a few bass aroudn the edges this time of year with a weightless superfluke in colours madigras or watermelon red. just drag it over the surface vegetation and let it flutter down between the gaps! also google bass o mania. they have some magic dams. but they definitely over charge! let us know how it goes. apoogies for the late response, we have had some technical difficulties lately.

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