One of the most important things about bass fishing, which was mentioned previously, is that you find a lure that you are both comfortable and confident fishing. Confidence allows you to fish the lure to the best of your ability thus giving the lure the chance to perform to the best of its ability under the water, so to speak. All anglers discover their own confidence lure but for us it is most certainly the soft plastic Brush Hog by Zoom! I think the most appealing thing about this particular bait, to us, is its versatility. We fish it in so many ways, and on so many rigs, often with the same result…. a nice solid tug on the end of the line. We have, however, had most success free lining them near thick cover. Dragging them across the top of the water or over grass beds at various speeds, before letting them fall naturally through the water seems to inspire frequent takes with the Bass often taking them straight off the surface.

I dont think that this lure has ever failed us on trips where the fish have actually been biting. Our ultimate “go to” lure can be seen in the picture above in Junebug and black (our choice colours). They also come in various shapes and sizes including Big Brush Hog, Baby Brush Hog, Tiny Brush Hog, and a relatively newer model called the Super Hog with extra paddles instead of twin tails. Dont forget to vary the size of your lures when the fishing is slow as the larger Brush Hog can be intimidating to the fish at times. Try these baits they work, you cannot afford not to.


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